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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bathing meaning in tamil is குளி, மூழ்கவை

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The other important bathing days are Mauni Amavasya January 29 Basant Panchami February 2 Maghi Purnima February 13 and Mahashivratri February 26. Officials of various departments including PWD U.P. Electricity Board Municipal Corporation and Waterworks were seen giving the finishing touches to infrastructural facilities at the tent city for pilgrims on the banks of the rivers and at the bathing ghats. The water level at the Pampa bathing ghats was lowered to such a level that pilgrims were unable to take the holy dip Pampasnanom. They were seen squatting in ankledeep water and pouring water from plastic mugs and other vessels. The law enforcers have also not been able to check open defecation at the bathing ghats by pilgrims and workers attached to commercial establishments at Pampa. Even if the filth is flushed out from the Pampa bathing ghats the water ultimately drains out into the backwaters of Kuttanad posing serious health risk to the multitudes settled on the river basin. The sources said the drainage toilets bathing areas kitchen and the prison hospital had been disinfected as precautionary measure. The government can assure the saints that the availability of water in Ganga would increase by the next bathing festival on January 29 and February 3 the minister said adding however that the water test in Ganga at Allahabad showed that it is fit for bathing and drinking. During the Makar Sankranti festival on January 14 the saints and kalpvasis had boycotted bathing in the river at Allahabad during the Magh Mela over pollution.