bath meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bath meaning in tamil is குளியல்

bath meaning in tamil with example

bath tamil meaning and more example for bath will be given in tamil.
After having bath at the sarovar at the Vadabhandeshwara Temple Japa and Tarpana rituals were performed. Tourists from different parts of the district and Kerala have started visiting Kadayal after having a bath at Thirparappu Falls. There is no separate bathroom facility and the students are forced to bath in the open near the toilet. According to the police the victims had gone for a bath in the river along with their family members as part of the Sankranti festivities. As all waterfalls at Spa of the South were swelling with copious inflow and bringing down stones and small wooden pieces tourists were asked to take bath only at safer points. TDP leader M.V. Mysoora Reddy taking bath on the pavement in front of his house in Hyderabad on Sunday. A 27yearold man identified as Vijayaraj a mason from Nedumangad was drowned in the Pampa while taking bath at Perunthenaruvi Vallakakdavu in Ranni taluk on Sunday. As the Manimuthar Falls is getting huge inflow tourists have been prevented from taking bath in the waterfalls. An ardent follower of the TDP scion Karananam Gopal gave a milk bath to NTRs statue before paying floral tributes. On January 15 he along with his friends went to Karanampalayam village near Malayampalayam and took bath in the big tank there. The live whale drifted ashore due to injury when some pilgrims were taking bath in shallow areas of Agnitheerthakadarkari. Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park officials led by S. Raja Mohamed a lorry driver of Ansari Nagar heard the cries of his family members at around 4.30 a.m. He saw his wife Mohideen Bath 35 and daughter R.