basically meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
basically meaning in tamil is அடிப்படையாக

basically meaning in tamil with example

basically tamil meaning and more example for basically will be given in tamil.
Gopi told The HolyIndia that basically the foundation would take care of all the expenditure related to her training coaching diet and exposure by way of international events. Swami Ram Dev said sickness among people was caused basically due to disturbances in the harmony of the body by external factors besides irregular habits and imbalance of mind. Gopalnath had masterfully integrated the saxophone an instrument basically used in the lighter realms of Western music into a highly classical music like Carnatic V.V. Srivatsa vicepresident Music Academy said. V. The delegation is here to promote Sampark Setu or the bridge of communication basically intended to attract Gujaratis in Kerala to undertake visits to Gujarat. Arunima is portraying the character of an insecure reticent girl while Roshni is playing a typical Generation X girl basically a happygolucky person. Asked why he agreed to act in serial that has a womenoriented subject Ram said Television is basically a womenoriented medium and most serials deal with issues confronting women. The proposed DubaiKochi ferry service aimed basically at expatriate Malayalis in the Gulf region is expected to commence operations in early February. Achuthanandan said he had not expected any other outcome from the court and had filed the petition basically to comply with the legal requirement of having approached the appropriate forum before moving the apex court. Ive broken records Ive equalled records Ive done great stuff in the past but basically Im still only halfway to the very best.