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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
basement meaning in tamil is கட்டடத்தின் அடித்தளம்

basement meaning in tamil with example

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The repair works planned include removing the debris of the collapsed retaining wall and the parapet adjacent to the twowheeler pathway on the Thirumanilayur side and sand filling of the basement of the approach road that was washed away in the current of the floods to prevent any further erosion. During the rains commuters find parking a problem even at Tiruvanmiyur because the parking area at the basement gets flooded. In the first phase the construction of the delivery hall in the basement and the main transaction hall comprising multipurpose counters were completed. The approach to the basement floor cellar which has been rented out to a family has now been cut off thanks to heap of debris due to demolition. Some tenants have now been trapped in the basement floor and they can come out only with the help of a ladder she said. According to Rekha Chougale one of the tenants in the basement house they are now forced to shift to another house. In 1981 the centre moved from her basement to its current address on Auburn Avenue next to the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church where King preached from 1960 to 1968. Gupta further alleged that her son who is the MP from East Delhi has opened his office at the basement of his house that was illegal. Dikshit said the basement of 5 Jaipur Estate was bought on September 11 1993 from Sarla Devi Saran and others and the completion certificate was issued by the MCD on August 25 1993 to the original owners. The MCD is also considering addition of the name of BJP Councillor Vijender Gupta to the list as he allegedly runs his office from the basement of his building.