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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
basel meaning in tamil is பாசல்

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France is a signatory to the Basel Convention of 1989 which bans the transboundary movement of hazardous wastes. Frances stated case is that the Basel Convention regulations do no apply to war material a stand upheld by French courts. When it comes to the Basel Convention it talks about toxic materials but does not specifically mention ships. The French Government must fulfil its obligations under the Basel Convention and take full responsibility for proper decontamination of the Clemenceau instead of dumping it on shipbreaking yards in India or elsewhere said a Greenpeace volunteer here. Was it right for France to despatch a vessel reportedly laden with toxic material when it is a signatory to the Basel Convention on Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Wastes. Thus far the debate has been preoccupied with the quantity of asbestos banned in 36 countries worldwide including France on the ship and the question of whether warships are covered by the Basel Convention. The Basel Convention signed by most countries but not by the United States came about precisely because developing countries feared they would become the dumping yard of the North. The committee considered several issues whether the decision to send the ship to India conformed to the Basel Convention on Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Wastes and whether the country should accept the vessel. If India accepts the ship then India will be seen as abetting in a violation of the Basel Convention he said. To part finance the expansion plans and to meet the future capital requirements arising out of the implementation of the Basel II standards the bank is entering the capital market with a followon public issue of 7.10 crore equity shares of Rs.