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Palermo Hollywood On the streets of Palermo Viejo once a sleepy lower middle class district in the capital barter clubs have been replaced by trendy boutiques and the neighbourhood has been redubbed Palermo Hollywood. They went back by noon on Friday with the foodstuff they got in barter trading with the Tiwas living in the plains of Assams Morigaon district. The ageold barter system between the Tiwas of the hills and the plains was witnessed by the traditional king of the tribe Deep Sing Deo Raja who is in an English medium school in Meghalaya. Since childhood I have been coming here and taking part in the barter trade... since my childhood. This barter system of trade is a very old custom of our people and is the most important event of this Mela Shiva Bordoloi of Manikpur village who emptied his stock of dried fish in exchange for ginger and medicinal herbs said. Similarly the hill Tiwas perform pujas for their deity with the pithas they procure from the plains in the barter trade said Joor Singh Bordoloi secretary of the Jonbeel Mela celebration committee. This according to auto forecasters is a great barter for the future development of the two companies. Critics who feared the Indian side would barter away vital security interests concede Manmohan Singh Co played their cards well. They were exchanged for aromatic spices and stored as artefacts at a time when the barter system prevailed here. The factfinding team was told that the villagers were procuring onion through the crude barter system.