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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
barricade meaning in tamil is தற்காலிகத் தடை

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Students Federation of India activists trying to pull down a barricade put up by the police in front of the office of the Deputy Director of Education in Kozhikode on Tuesday. Soon some DICK youth activists who were in front of the barricade started throwing stones at the police personnel. There was an incident of a person crossing the barricade and falling on the high voltage electric cables above the tracks. They verily form a barricade of sorts preventing the public and the Mahatma from getting a proper glimpse of each other. An overloaded lorry which trespassed through the Marys Corner breaking the barricade at Thiruvarur on Saturday. The barricade was installed to prevent vehicles from Tambaram to turn right so that they could travel further ahead take a U turn to reach the level crossing. If a barricade were to be installed like an extendable cord that keeps commuters behind the stipulated line till incoming commuters disembark the situation would greatly improve. The violence started around 12.30 p.m. when a small group of YC activists tried to push past the barricade placed by the police to block access to the Assembly complex. Youth Congress activists trying to break the police barricade during the march they took out to the office of the Deputy Superintendent of Police in Thrissur on Tuesday to protest against the police action in Thiruvananthapuram. The KSU workers tried to break the barricade put up by the police in front of the road leading to the office. No warning sign The halffinished work left unattended without any barricade or warning sign claimed the life of a motorist Ratan Joseph Pinto earlier this month.