barrel meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
barrel meaning in tamil is பீப்பாய்

barrel meaning in tamil with example

barrel tamil meaning and more example for barrel will be given in tamil.
The domestic unit has appreciated by 20 paise in three consecutive trading sessions after a plunge to 12day closing low of 44.4142 last Wednesday.World crude prices soared briefly above 69 a barrel on Monday before settling at 68 due to supply concerns. Soaring oil prices that had risen past 69 a barrel at the last weekend took a heavy toll on the world markets. So strong is the monopsonist power of the U.S. and Europe that oil exported to Asia from the Persian Gulf costs as much as 2 a barrel more. Also the gross refinery margins were lower at 3.36 a barrel against 5.4 a barrel in the yearago period. Rising crude oil prices at near 68 a barrel fuelled heavy dollar demand from public sector banks custodians for large oil companies exerting renewed pressure on the rupee. They found three persons in the car who were in possession of a country made 0.22 revolver with two live rounds and one country made single barrel breach loading SBBL gun with one live 12 bore cartridge. They sustained simple injuries on the right shoulder and hip after they were hit by pellets fired from a single barrel muzzle loader SBML gun by Kannan 22. Already U.S. crude gained 1.22 raising oil prices to 61.76 a barrel in electronic trading following the attack. Nevertheless there has been a spurt in oil prices that jumped by nearly three dollars a barrel to 62.91during electronic trading at the New York mercantile exchange. The Under Barrel Grenade Launcher fires 40mm grenade up to 400m and it can be attached to a 5.56 rifle and A.K.47.