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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
barracks meaning in tamil is படை வீடு

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The City Police Commissionerate and the Armed Reserve AR Complex near Barracks will be demolished and a new building will come up soon at the same place with a corporate look. School Barracks Gate Road Pattalam 3 p.m. Nungambakkam Anbalayam Pushpa Nagar 6 p.m. University of Madras The Tamilnadu Dr. The duo then wrapped Sunitas body in a gunny bag before taking it to a vacant land near the Cavalry Barracks railway station where they doused it with petrol and set it afire. Why cant the Government send the troops to the barracks even if it is hesitant to send them out of the valley he asked. The protest follows nabbing of three persons allegedly followers of Suri outside the jail compound on Sunday when they attempted to throw biryani packets into the jail premises towards the barracks of the accused. Whenever we pass in front of the barracks the accused persons boo us or even throw objects like plates and glasses at us demanding release of the three persons held on Sunday the jail staff said. Set conditions The jail staff said they would not open the barracks till their problem was resolved. Tarigami called for evolving a consensus among the people of the country on sending back the Army and other paramilitary forces to barracks and handing over the security of Srinagar to police. Initially two jammers will be installed on an experimental basis in the high security Mahanandi and Paapagni barracks where more than 20 ISI operatives and Maoists are lodged. By Aprilend Deputy Superintendent of Central Prison Mohammed Tajuddin said the jammers would be installed by Aprilend and the security facility extended to other barracks subsequently.