barometer meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
barometer meaning in tamil is பாரமானி

barometer meaning in tamil with example

barometer tamil meaning and more example for barometer will be given in tamil.
2200 crore Trade policy fails to cheer markets HarleyDavidson bikes to hit Indian roads next year 8216NTPC misleading Centre8217 NetApp Tata Comm offer cloud computing services Barometer Exchange Rates Bullion Rates Briefly Diebold bags ATM contracts from SBI CHENNA. As Lani Guinier of the Harvard Law School has pointed out the best barometer to judge the health of a society is to look at the condition of its minorities who are like the coal miners canary... the first to notice toxic gases in coal mines. The Assembly constituency of Kayamkulam in the district could rightly be termed the political barometer of the State that shows the way in which the politics is moving. C.S. Iyer Pune Looking at the rise and fall of the market it is foolish to believe that it is a barometer of development. Not a true barometer Which brings us to the oftrepeated question is the share market in India a good enough barometer to test or gauge economic policies. On that score the sudden fall in the stock markets suggests that the market mechanism though considerably evolved is still not good enough to be a barometer of the economy. Johns The Sir Vivian Richards Ground in Northsound four miles from here is a barometer of World Cup preparations in the Caribbean. A rush of selling by investors at the eleventh hour shaved off 256 points from the stock market sending the barometer index toppling down to below 10000level less than a month after touching a peak of 12671.11. After a fourday long carnage the key barometer of the Bombay Stock Exchange on Friday registered the highest ever singleday gain of 514.65 points on allround buying support.