barely meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
barely meaning in tamil is போதும் போதாமல், தேவைக்கும் சற்று குறைவான

barely meaning in tamil with example

barely tamil meaning and more example for barely will be given in tamil.
But at 5050 Sambhaji Kadams longranger with barely two seconds to go helped Services get a morale boosting lead 5350 going into the deciding quarter. Rajnath Singh has been an RSS worker since his student days and he became the karyawah general secretary of Mirzapur in 1972 when he was barely 21. With public institutions supplying barely 15 to 20 per cent of total seed requirement of farmers the confederation urged the Government to allocate sufficient funds during the 200607 budget for development and supply of quality seeds. Underwater quakes at shallow depths can cause tsunami waves which are often barely noticeable in the ocean but can rise to great heights once they arrive at shore. All that he conveniently chose to remember was that he could speak sentences with his racket that his opponent could barely fathom. Marks Road was introduced schools located on the road are barely getting adjusted to the new traffic situation. The streetlights were erected in a hurry just before the commencement of the NRI meet in the city Pravas Bharatiya Diwas barely a week ago. Russia has accused Ukraine of seizing a lighthouse rented by the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the Crimean Peninsula in an incident that whipped up tension anew between the two countries barely two weeks after they resolved a bitter gas price dispute. The police personnel stationed there can barely catch the attention of autorickshaw drivers and once made to stop and take a passenger little effort is made to settle on a fare despite the prepaid tag.