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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
barber meaning in tamil is நாவிதர், முடிதிருத்துவோர், சிகை அலங்காரம் செய்பவர்

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Bidar When Tanaji a barber in Bidar lost his father two family responsibilities 151 arranging his sisters marriage and repay a housing loan 151 fell upon him. Leonard Scott ran the fastest time in the world this year to win the mens 60 and MeLisa Barber did the same in the womens. AP adds This is how USA does it Barber said after leading a 12 American finish in the 60. Her father a barber in the TTD tonsuring centre at Tirumala explained to the cops that they had in fact consoled her when she told them about her poor performance. Rotary International members Bruce Allen past district governor of 9680 Australia and Bruce Barber past district governor of 9700 Australia have come forward to pay US 100 Rs 4000 approximately for every acre reclaimed. The bungalow built in the farm in 1906 for the studies is still known as Barber Bungalow though it is now being used as the farm rest house and preserved as a historical monument. It came to such a pass that elderly people growing beard were seen rushing to barber shops to have a clean look. A couple running the parlour two women working as beauticians a barber and a male customer were arrested in the raid that took place under the supervision of DCP V. The story revolves around the life of the barber who comes to city with the aim of getting a passport to go abroad. Unlike the usual tonsure the barber retained five turfs each on the shaven heads of the boys only to follow the ageold practice. The hands include one with a sickle for a farmer a comb for a barber and a power grip hand for a car driver.