bankruptcy meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bankruptcy meaning in tamil is வங்கிப் பணமுடை, வங்கி முறிதல்

bankruptcy meaning in tamil with example

bankruptcy tamil meaning and more example for bankruptcy will be given in tamil.
He said the move shows the Governments bankruptcy and expressed fears that a similar fate might befall free power supply scheme. In a country where a large chunk of the population is living miserably under the poverty line it is sheer moral bankruptcy to indulge in such extravaganzas. The race has been in jeopardy since local race organisers filed for bankruptcy last year forcing the regional government to cover mounting financial losses. This M.M. Borkar told the daily Lokmat was an example of intellectual bankruptcy and an attempt to befool people. Another official tack is simple falsification. Even when starvation deaths were looming large and the country was facing economic bankruptcy in the past we refused to be cowed down by U.S. dictates. Deora however sought a package to bail out the public sector oil firms which are currently facing bankruptcy owing to losses on sale of fuels at the existing prices. It would also check bankruptcy in cooperative banks as had been experienced in Gujarat and Maharashtra he said. Such behaviour on the part of various sympathisers to the cause of Maoists and Maoists themselves eloquently describes their bankruptcy of ideology and strategy Mr. Krishnaswamy Coimbatore Election time has once again exposed the bankruptcy of thinking among politicians. The allegation that MLA Deoki Nandan Koris son Triloki who died in renewed violence on Saturday was circumcised and buried was shocking and a sign of total bankruptcy in the senior national leadership of the BJP he said.