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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
banker meaning in tamil is வட்டிக் கடைக்காரன், பணவியாபாரி

banker meaning in tamil with example

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The certificate according to Government procedures is to be first endorsed by the pensioners banker and thereafter by the pension payment authority. Normally the pensioners banker will be closeby and it will be easy for most of the pensioners to submit the life certificate at the bank. In case of established crop failure the banker should claim the amount from the insurance firm rather than rescheduling the loan or offering moratorium which would further push the farmer into a financial crisis. A profitable crop season facilitates the banker to recover the loan along with interest from the farmer. Hangal leading banker Deepak Parekh Defence analyst Air Comodore retd. Jasjit Singh industrialist K.P.P. Nambiar Telgu actor K. I did not know that the forts in Bidar and Basava Kalyan are so huge and beautiful said Sudhakar Rao a banker from Mysore. Bala Yusuf Yunusa a Nigerian banker studying Development Finance at the IDPM said he was impressed by the level of empowerment of the people at the grassroots level in Kerala. In case of default of payment for three successive instalments he said the beneficiary would face the risk of foregoing the right on the house and the banker is free to allot the same to other in open auction. This is a big political decision for Societe Generale and shows that some in the French establishment are happy to support Mittal a banker close to the deal said. Presiding over the third quarter banker review meeting on Rural Employment Generation Programme REGP here on Monday he reviewed its implementation in the district.