bank meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bank meaning in tamil is வைப்பகம்/வங்கி

bank meaning in tamil with example

bank tamil meaning and more example for bank will be given in tamil.
Diebold of the U.S. got contract from the State Bank of India for setting up 1750 automated teller machines and cash dispensers. Coconutbased handicrafts cluster under the Centrally sponsored National Programme for Rural Industrialisation is one of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Developmentinitiated 55 Cluster Development Programmes in the country covering 17 States. Encouraged by the success achieved in the pilot districts and keeping in view the overwhelming support received from the project partners in development of nonfarm sector the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development has extended the project to cover more district in phases. Foreign currency assets decreased by 607 million to 138.209 billion during the week ended December 23 according to figures released by the Reserve Bank of India. The story Article titled For a secure growth of Internet banking and ecommerce in the Business Review section of The HolyIndia on December 26 2005 has a photograph showing the name trademark and screen shots of ICICI Bank website. Punjab National Bank on Saturday announced revised interest rates for domestic term deposits with effect from January 2 2006. Indian Airlines all but outclassed Punjab and Sind Bank while scoring a 20 victory in the final with veteran Dhanraj Pillay once again showing how good he still is as a playmaker. But he managed to keep the pressure on the PSB defence not allowing much room to the bank teams midfielders at the same time. The inroads made by the All India Progressive Janata Dal AIPJD led by the former Deputy Chief Minister Siddaramaiah dented its vote bank in the other taluks.