bane meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bane meaning in tamil is நாசம், நச்சு

bane meaning in tamil with example

bane tamil meaning and more example for bane will be given in tamil.
Malhargouda Patil said corruption has become a bane and no leader has time to give a serious thought to its eradication. But commercialisation of the pilgrimage by the allegedly incompetent management comprising political nominees of the successive State Governments for a period of four years often found to have been the bane of Sabarimala development. The parfour 15th turned out Atwals bane as the Orlandobased Indian double bogeyed there and followed it dropping another shot on the 16th while his birdieless front nine also included a bogey on the fourth. Hareeshwar Reddy said fluoride content the bane of people of neighbouring Nalgonda district was found in some villages in his constituency too and expressed concern that it could pose health problems in the future. Poor budgetary allocation by the Government and the nonavailability of qualified medical practitioners and paramedical staff to serve in the Health Service had emerged as the bane of the public health system. Rudre Gowda said here on Thursday that the increasing population should not be considered as a bane but as a challenge in meeting the threats of poverty and unemployment. Stress on education Uneducated millions can be the bane of any country he said. Motorists suffer A manifold increase in the number of vehicles sharp curves lack of lanediscipline and unending wait at numerous junctions dotting the stretch have become a bane for motorists. Frequent shuffling of squads the bane of our system for years now becomes not only a mere routine but also leads to a comic hotchpotch with predictably embarrassing results.