ban meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ban meaning in tamil is தடை செய்

ban meaning in tamil with example

ban tamil meaning and more example for ban will be given in tamil.
K.N. Subramanian a farmer who was present urged the State Government to lift the ban on chewing tobacco as many farmers in the district raised tobacco and they were not able to market the same. But with the ban on performance by wild animals elephants horses camels and dogs are the only ones left with the circus to regale people. The ban on recruitments imposed because of financial constraints was being lifted on a piece meal basis depending on the manpower needs of departments. Christian Piotre Deputy Chief of Staff of French Defence Minister Michele AlliotMarie in a letter dated February 11 2005 addresses the concerns of the NGO Ban Asbestos ... It is necessary to preserve the structure of the ship to allow its export to a demolition site. Though most of the plastic items had been dumped several years ago some had found their way to the place recently despite a ban on disposable cups plates bags etc which had been imposed a few years ago. Kumar who was Deputy Superintendent at Dharmapuri when the incident took place said when he assumed charge on January 23 2000 a ban order under Section 302 of the Police Act was in operation in all police stations in the district till January 31. The Karnataka High Court on Tuesday quashed the ban by the State Government on the registration of certain category of property and set aside the notifications of April 23 and August 23 2005 prohibiting registration of revenue sites and nonconverted agricultural lands for nonagricultural purposes.