bamboo meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bamboo meaning in tamil is மூங்கில்

bamboo meaning in tamil with example

bamboo tamil meaning and more example for bamboo will be given in tamil.
Masks of bamboo and clay made by the Samaguri Satra are on display at the lodge which is named La Maison de Ananda House of Joy. The gurgle of the Cauvery the whispers of the bamboo in the gentle breeze cold winter nights are fascinating here. From metal to terracotta and textile to bamboo and jewellery the expo will showcase an array of products that are ecofriendly and crafted from naturally available raw materials. While some in the group tried their hand at pulling the Chinese nets others relaxed under coconut palms in hammocks and bamboo chairs. The 92 handcrafted items from Japan displayed at the Lalit Kala Akademi on Greams Road include bamboo products paintbrushes handmade paper and ceramic and metalwork. The officials also said that hitting of electrical lines with iron rods and bamboo sticks would be dangerous as it might result in snapping of conductors and electrocution. Halfburnt bamboo sticks and ash are strewn around as it is believed that this increases the fertility of the soil. In rural areas people build Bhela ghar a temporary structure made of bamboo and dried banana leaves where community feast is cooked and bonfires made on the Uruka night. At the NEDFi haat in the city Bihu delicacies that vanished from the shelves within hours of their display included varieties of pitha rice cake chira rice flakes curd in bamboo tubes cream chunga pitha rice cake in bamboo tubes and ladoos made of coconut and black sesame seeds. The halfburnt bamboo sticks and ash are strewn in the paddy fields to increase the fertility of the soil.