balcony meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
balcony meaning in tamil is மாடி முகப்பு, கட்டடத்தின் முன் மண்டபம், மச்சின் மாடியின்) பாகம், வீட்டின் முகப்பு

balcony meaning in tamil with example

balcony tamil meaning and more example for balcony will be given in tamil.
Although a traditional Mising Chang Ghar does not have a balcony or a glass window the architects have had added the features made of bamboo to provide it a mix of traditional and modern architecture. We couldnt believe it 151 it was the same toad wed seen on the hotel balcony the night before while we were playing cards. To gain entry inside stealthily he mistook a serpent hanging from the balcony for a creeper and climbed by holding on to it. When the balcony of a house in the colony collapsed two months ago officials visited the colony and assured the residents that necessary action would be taken. The Suryaraopet police said that Sonapudi Bangaramma a maid in Sai Ratna Apartments came in contact with a live wire while cleaning balcony in the fourth floor of the residential complex and died on the spot. Flintoff said he was thrilled to be back in Mumbai but had no plans of repeating his infamous act of pulling off shirt that prompted then Indian captain Sourav Ganguly to do his bit of chestbaring at the Lords balcony later that summer after Indias NatWest series win. In an inebriated state he rushed towards the balcony and jumped down even as his friends tried to stop him. There were some who were waiting on the balcony of their houses to splash coloured water on passersby while others cheered them. Rajkumars youngest son Puneeth Rajkumar who was watching from a balcony of the house appeared most stricken with grief and could not be consoled easily. The blast occurred on the balcony of Odeon Cinema where the night show of a Telugu movie was on police said.