bait meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bait meaning in tamil is தூண்டில்

bait meaning in tamil with example

bait tamil meaning and more example for bait will be given in tamil.
The students wanted to know how much a crab costs how many are reared in the pond what is used as bait to trap them and so on. Narayanappa Anantapur Use the free bait Wherever an Indian goes his innate sense follows. Sea snakes sea horses clown fish and puffer fish are some of the bait used by the Marine Biological Station MBS to draw children into the fascinating world of life in the ocean. It accused Pinarayi Vijayan M.A. Baby and Thomas Isaac of abandoning the Left path and becoming a bait to imperialist forces. The Ministers announcement is seen in the backdrop of the impending local body elections while the Opposition parties view the announcement as a bait to hoodwink the ryots. Saran said there was a strong security rationale behind the pact and held out the bait of spinoffs of the countrys expertise in reactor refurbishment that could help revive the global nuclear industry. The feathers of jungle fowls and peacocks are used in foreign countries for making fly used by anglers to bait fish. By placing a bait in a cage or by using the tranquilliser we can catch the tiger within a day or two. Chocolate bait After consulting his wife he decided to kidnap Gayathri daughter of NGRI employees Narasimha Rao and Sridevi who live on the third floor the SI said. Alleging that the AIADMK was trying to match the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagams poll manifesto by announcing new promises such as gold for mangala sutra he said the party which had been looting the people all the time was only trying to put a bait to return to power.