baggage meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
baggage meaning in tamil is பயணப் பொதி, பயணப் பை

baggage meaning in tamil with example

baggage tamil meaning and more example for baggage will be given in tamil.
Greco Dominco of Rome Italy had lodged a complaint that his personal baggage containing the passport 2000 Euros return flight ticket and Rs.600 was stolen. The arms were seized by the Customs officials when they examined the baggage of the accused at the airport on January 11. Intelligence officials say that the baggage was lying at the cargo section of the airport for over a month. Most cargo consignments arrive at the airport as unaccompanied baggage and these are usually claimed only after a few weeks. The police suspect cargo delivery agencies are behind the operation of smuggling out the unaccompanied baggage from inside the airport. A part of the trick of course was to disown the ideological baggage that was seen to have made Old Labour an electoral liability. Police personnel checking the baggage of a visitor at the Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple in the city on Wednesday. Those who want to join hands with Nagaland could go there bag and baggage but they should not speak of carving out Nagainhabited areas. Travel trade representatives and passengers have underlined the need for improving amenities including baggage handling facilities at the airport given the scope for introduction of more services to the city soon. Day Two of the strike saw hundreds of passengers forced to lug bag and baggage for long distances as the agitating AAI employees blocked the entry as well as the exit at the domestic terminal for several hours in the morning. Day two of the strike saw hundreds of passengers lugging their baggage as the employees blocked the entry and the exit at the domestic terminal for several hours in the morning.