baffling meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
baffling meaning in tamil is குழுப்பமான, சிக்கலான

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Singh was promoted as president and why he is being undermined remain baffling questions in a party where insubordination has become all too common. Tamilisai Soundarajan Chennai The great urgency shown by the Law Ministry is not only baffling but also outright ridiculous. On Tuesday he threw the ball hard into the ground in a baffling display of aggression when Kumble played a defensive stroke to the first ball he faced. Vijayan said the declaration that appointments in public sector units would be left to the PSC was equally baffling as recruitment to most of the PSUs had already been left to the PSC. Crux of the problems Its also baffling that a paceled attack like Pakistan has spinner Mushtaq Ahmed for a bowling coach. Ansari Babu said that it was indeed baffling that despite Karaikal mobilising Rs 840 crore annually for the exchequer no attention had been paid by any government to the regions development since it along with other constituent regions became part of Indian Union. When a human being begins to speculate on the what why and how of ones life he enters into the most baffling yet meaningful enquiry. More baffling is the uncertainty that characterises everyday life and continues to frustrate the demystification attempts of rationalists and scientists. He departed to a baffling delivery from Liam Plunkett at a crucial juncture leaving the stage to the young brigade. While reported drunken rash and negligent driving are cited as factors resulting in more accidents from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. the high number of accidents during the corresponding hours in daytime is baffling police.