bad meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bad meaning in tamil is தீய, கெட்ட

bad meaning in tamil with example

bad tamil meaning and more example for bad will be given in tamil.
He beats them all in elections only to find things getting murkier just the kind of story a teenager would write on a bad day. The fear that the expulsions have set a bad precedent that can be misused in future to upset thin majorities of parties in legislatures is ill founded. He remains the youngest to hold an IM norm in the country since November 2003 when he gained the distinction in the Offene International Bayerishche Meisterschaft at Bad Wiessee in Germany. Of the laws enacted by men some are concerned with what is good or bad by its very nature and they command men to follow what is right and to shun what is wrong adding at the time a suitable sanction. In Madambakkam town panchayat limits the main road from the foundry to Bharat Engineering College is in bad condition. Now he has to battle with residents who are determined to convert his twoground plot into a dumping ground pigs and dogs that have made the thorninfested land their home and angry neighbours threatening to take him to court over the bad smell emanating from his land. Adverting to the Coimbatore Gudalur Road which had recently become part of the National Highway network he said that it had never been as bad as it was now. Raghunath Pandey and others claiming to be the descendants of the martyr had filed a petition in the High Court alleging that scenes introduced in the movie tended to project Mangal Pandey in a very bad light. Talking over cell phones was another bad habit many twowheeler riders especially youth had developed which needed to be discouraged so that safety of others on the road was not in danger Mr.