bacterium meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bacterium meaning in tamil is கோலுரு நுண்ணுயிர்

bacterium meaning in tamil with example

bacterium tamil meaning and more example for bacterium will be given in tamil.
The campaign for eradication can make headway only within a social context of improving living conditions through better housing and hygiene the bacterium spreads through the nasal mucosa of untreated patients sanitation and water supply. BT stands for bacillus thuringiensis a bacterium whose gene is injected into cotton seeds to make them resistant to boll worms which are common in India. Two dermatologists of Jaipur have claimed a breakthrough in the cure of psoriasis a skin disease causing red scaly patches that was previously thought to be a lifelong ailment by identifying a bacterium in the throat as a causative organism of the illness. Presence of Ecoli bacterium was found in the sample of cream milk at an icecream parlour in Okkal panchayat from where no cases of jaundice had been reported so far. Hence the first two sentences should have been Traces of a bacterium that causes a rare disease ... and The bacterium that causes tularemia ... . In a column The new world of fandom Sport February 16 2007 it was stated that Italy is ranked No.1 by FIFA. Haemophilus influenza is a virulent bacterium that can cause bacterial meningitis and epoglotitis among other diseases.