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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
bacteria meaning in tamil is நுண்ணுயிர்க் கி௫மி

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Gudiya whose reunion with her Army man husband after remarriage with another man and carrying his child had hit media headlines died here on Monday of septicaemia 151 blood poisoning caused by bacteria or their toxins. The 26yearold Gudiya a resident of Mundali village near Meerut reportedly died of septicaemea blood poisoning caused by bacteria or their toxins. On distribution of biofertilizers he said five metric tonnes of blue green algae and 41762 numbers of phospho bacteria and 25378 numbers of rhizobium were distributed to farmers in the first nine months of the fiscal. Aggarwal said a particular type of sore throat caused by a bacteria called streptococcus can cause migratory joint pains with or without swelling and can cause involvement of the heart leading to permanent damage to its one or more valves. It drew attention to the presence of suspended organic material which if not filtered properly shields the bacteria against chlorination. The colour is because of the blooms of a group of coloured bacteria known as Anoxygenic phototropic bacteria says Ch. Colour pigment This bacteria contain a pink pigment called Okenone and this is what causes a water body gain the colour. While the green colour associated with water is because of algae and chlorophyll present in them some bacteria can give pink red to brown colours to water bodies explains Ch.V. Ramana Reader Department of Plant Sciences University of Hyderabad. The bacteria could be observed under the microscope and the research team identified it as Amoeba bacter of the purple sulphur group.