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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
backlog meaning in tamil is பின்னுறுத்தல்

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Regarding filling up the vacancies he said the university has notified 80 backlog vacancies of teaching and nonteaching as approved by the Syndicate. Besides nearly 11 000 bail anticipatory bail and other criminal petitions were filed last year resulting in a huge backlog of cases. Government apathy They also condemned the State Governments apathetic attitude towards the stir for filling up of backlog vacancies in the PWD and the Irrigation Department. Presentation said the Government would take steps to fill the backlog of vacancies that were due to backward communities through an executive order within a month. Such a situation prevails even as IOC has started pumping in additional supplies from in Karnataka and Andhra Pradeshto clear the backlog for refill cylinders. Dharam Singh held a highlevel meeting in Bangalore to discuss the demands of the Karnataka Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Unemployed Engineers Horata Kriya Samiti for filling backlog vacancies. The backlog of work can be easily managed by appointing more work gangs said a senior site engineer. Shivaram to Gulbarga to explain the measures being taken by the Government to fill backlog vacancies in the State and persuade the engineers to end their stir. Shivaram told the protesters that the Government has taken a decision to fill 27 backlog posts of engineers in the Public Works and Irrigation departments immediately and taken steps to get a stay vacated to fill another 62 backlog vacancies in the departments.