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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
backhander meaning in tamil is லஞ்சப் பணம், கையூட்டுப் பணம்

backhander meaning in tamil with example

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After missing a few shots at the goal the Aussies enlarged the lead when Luke Doerner converted a penalty corner and minutes later Dwyer produced a classic backhander off a pass from Nathan Eglington to put the issue beyond a shadow of doubt. Opportunistic goal An opportunistic goal late in the first half by Tengu Ahmed who sidestepped two defenders before finishing with an impeccable backhander lifted the Malaysian morale. A 20 lead for Korea at halftime thanks to splendid goals by Sik Hyo You the first from a backhander and then from a delicate deflection suggested a rout for the Netherlands. Receiving the pass Emmerling unleashed a backhander that curved over the goalkeeper Stephen Mowlan. The matchwinner he netted against Chandigarh Dynamos underlined the charm of the backhander that is the hallmark of Spanish stars like Eduard Tabau and Pol Amat.