background meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
background meaning in tamil is பின்புறம்

background meaning in tamil with example

background tamil meaning and more example for background will be given in tamil.
As he was born in a farmers family the BJP believes that this background could help it to project a farmer leader. Mr. With the towering Chamundi Hills in the background and water in the foreground the Karanji Lake plays host to thousands of birds. It will also help tourists know the cultural and historical background of the district and help the Government earn foreign exchange. As a result the persons without agrarian background and those representing upland areas reeling under acute fodder and water scarcity were chosen for distribution of the animals he added. Colonialists had destroyed all these and it was against this background that the front had been formed to fight for the people of Telangana and their alienable right to have a State of their own. The background music adds punch and a film that could have fallen flat due to the absence of more than a single layer races ahead. GOVERNMENTS EVERYWHERE are rethinking their policies for ground transport in the 21st century against a background of rising demand for fossil fuels environmental worries and deteriorating quality of urban life. Reacting to the controversy over the nomination of persons with political background as members of the Syndicate he said it is not enough if the Syndicate comprises only educationists or academicians. Particularly those from the rural background went on a liquor consumptionspree giving the Excise Department record revenue. Prasanna Kumar who had explained the background of the temple and the significance of its structure and impressed on them that alternate methods of road widening without disturbing the existing structure of the temple should be explored.