back meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
back meaning in tamil is பின்புறம்

back meaning in tamil with example

back tamil meaning and more example for back will be given in tamil.
Here again Uttaranchal clawed its way back with Suresh and Mohit Bhandari chipping in but the ONGC lads ran out of time after Sai Venkatesh coming in for Jaswant found the hoop to get the decisive lead. He wanted the State Government to take necessary steps to bring back the labourers and provide them employment. A writer dramatist poet and an employee of Krishna Jala Nigam Ltd. Belgaum he looked back fondly when he used to spend New Year eves with his close friends. The year that ended on Saturday brought back memories of political instability in the State despite a coalition Government with a clear majority in power. On the other hand the Congressled coalition increased its tally by four after the byelections which anointed it back to power. The Centres officials were at the bridge recently and expected to be back once the Highways officials intimated completion of the repair work to them later this week. You feel that you are transported back in time Taken to a picturesque village where young men work from dawn to dusk their feet caked with soil. Tourists who want to go back with memories of the rich culture and heritage of the riverisland will be able to order these handloom products the 28year old Chauvin said. The agriculture sector is expected to bounce back this season but the torrential rains and consequent flooding of justtransplanted crops may have dashed the hopes of most farmers. Kalyan Singhs return to the party could also help it get back some Backward Caste votes although some BJP leaders fear that Mr.