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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
autograph meaning in tamil is கையொப்ப ஏடு, சொந்தக் கையெழுத்து

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It was meant to be a brief one for all that I wanted was to get him to autograph two of his books I had brought along with me to read during the long bus rides across Turkey. I 1200m maiden 3yo only Terms Chiefs Dream Greensmith Mary Bankes 55 Srinath 1 Autograph 55 Appu 2 Red Mustang 55 P. S. Cartoonist R.K. Laxman giving his autograph to Hyderabad Collector Arvind Kumar during a book reading session in Hyderabad on Tuesday. In 1979 we had huge pictures of you... The halfanhour visit concluded with a quick look at the photography department some more autograph signing and a visit to the sports department where he met the sports writers and subeditors. No prizes though for guessing who drew the maximum attention and young female autograph seekers and got more stage time. Bangalore University ViceChancellor M.S. Thimmappa signs autograph for students of Maharani Laxmi Ammanni College at the inauguration of a seminar in Bangalore on Friday. Two young English women were so excited on seeing their hero in flesh and blood that in their attempt to get his autograph they almost fell over the railing separating the checkin area. Once he finds that a celebrity is coming to town he fixes up an appointment with them clicks a photograph of the person develops it goes back to the celebrity and gets his autograph on the picture. Nilkamal Maheshwari held an exhibition of his autograph collection at Gwalior on March 2 his birthday. Rajnikant was clad in trademark white kurtapyjama effusing simplicity obliging autograph hunters and chatting up occasionally with friends.