autobiography meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
autobiography meaning in tamil is சுய சரித்திரம்

autobiography meaning in tamil with example

autobiography tamil meaning and more example for autobiography will be given in tamil.
In a press release issued here on Friday K.T. Sunitha Professor and Director of the centre said not much work has been done on womens autobiographies although autobiography as an expression of the self is an important genre. Hey this is a film based on Man in Black and Cash The Autobiography all right but it is still Mangolds baby right. We know about T.V. Eachara Warriers critical remarks in his autobiography Orachante Ormakurippukal against C. I have been seen dead drunk in places I have never visited seen escorting women I have never met and playing on grounds I had never heard of. One famous cricket personality said in his autobiography that he had been bowled first ball by Trueman in a Yorkshire League match. President Musharraf may have his own version of the events which led up to the 1999 coup in which he took power in an autobiography that reports say is to be published later this year. Question papers will be given in advance and students are urged to read Gandhijis autobiography My Experiments with Truth. As usual a long list of speakers made the job difficult for Turlapati Kutumba Rao who presided over the release function of former Union Minister Parvataneni Upendras autobiography GathamSwagatham second part on Sunday. Stalin Gunasekaran said last year there was much demand for Mahathma Gandhis Autobiography and the books of President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. His ghostwritten autobiography came out in 1968 when he was still in office and when his popularity was at an alltime low.