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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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The Rs 4.02 crore will go towards augmenting the storage capacity of dams in the Vellar watershed division and repairing sluices and strengthening bunds in the Killidam division. The institute is an effort in augmenting the inherent strengths of Keralas unique position in visual media and the Chief Minister expressed confidence that the Central Government would extend generous support to the endeavour. BSNL has eight base station towers for the mobilephone network and for augmenting it 60 more towers will be erected by March. Army Recruitment Centre was mooted in the district for augmenting employment opportunities to youth he said. It provides for the levy and collection of cess on the sale proceeds of yarn textile or textile products with a view to augmenting the resources of the Kerala Handloom Workers Welfare Fund Board. Addressing a huge gathering on the last day Rao sought to sum up the reforms and liberalisation policy as an exercise which his Government was engaged in to meet the fiscal deficit for augmenting the national infrastructure. 20 lakhs to the district administration asking it to utilise the money for augmenting drinking water supply in the problem villages. The Corporation will review the DFID scheme and press for the completion of both the DFID and the HUDCO schemes for augmenting water supply in Corporation areas. The instruments have been announced keeping in mind the banks need for augmenting their capital base to take care of market and operational risks as well as to fund their growing balance sheets.