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But it has not been possible to reduce subsidies and augment nondebt capital receipts to the desired extent especially as the dilution of government ownership in public sector enterprises has not been possible as required because of the opposition from the Left parties. Gurudasan alleged that more than efforts to augment production the company authorities seemed keen on carrying forward non productive civil construction activities. The fisherfolk have learnt to augment their revenue thanks to the efforts of the District Rural Development Agency. He said that the Government had spent about Rs.915 crores to augment the water supply and distribution in various parts of the State. The Abbi project envisaged construction of a check dam to augment water which was against the proposed KPCL initiative Mr. He said the Municipal Corporation must shed its populist approach and augment its resources to help in upgrading the civic amenities in the municipal limits. He pointed out that the minimum requirement of the farm sector was being met and all efforts were being made to augment the power generation capacity. 16 crores for construction of overhead tanks filter beds pipelines etc to augment water supply in the town. Political parties and mass organisations are planning a campaign to retain the institution at Vizhinjam and augment its facilities. Mahajan Executive Director said the bank would also promote cross selling of its own and third party products in order to augment feebased revenue.