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The new Discover retains all the style attributes such as athletic lean and muscular styling along with gorgeous graphics. Similarly the attributes of the nonself are superimposed upon the self and the ignorant man who through Maya identifies the attributes of finitude and bondage with his self where as his bondage is never in the true Self he said. Instead of realising that he is the Self Atman which is blissful and eternal he identifies with his bodymindintellect personality and attributes their limitations to himself and thus does not experience his true blissful nature. Rao of the Hyderabad Metrological Department attributes this spell of hot weather to anticyclonic conditions over Telangana region sending warm winds from the ocean to the region heating up both Hyderabad and Nizamabad. Technical expertise and immense knowledge about the mental attributes have been Greg Chappells strengths as a coach. He attributes it to the excellent rapport between teachers and parents and the hard work by the students who participated in the Kalotsavam. Knowing the Lords extraordinary greatness His unsurpassed prowess and His infinite mercy and riveting ones mind on the auspicious attributes exemplified in His various incarnations one can develop love and devotion to Him. By His every act He seemed to say If I the Almighty who is the very personification of truth do not uphold righteousness who else will The Ayodhya Kanda highlights right at the outset His matchless attributes that endeared Him to one and all.