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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
attractiveness meaning in tamil is மவுசு

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The saris displaying the intricate designs on the temple pillars had retained their attractiveness over the ages and continue to enchant thousands even today. And given the magnitude and attractiveness of investment opportunities in emerging Asia it would be natural for it to run a current account deficit. Soft power a term coined by Harvard professor Joseph Nye refers to a countrys ability to influence others by the attractiveness of its ideas and values. While FIIs sold stocks worth Rs 2500 crore in the last four sessions mutual funds bought stocks worth Rs 2803 crore. The slump in the stock markets was due to the fall in metal prices the relative attractiveness of other markets and the hardening of interest rates. Other than the favoured tax treatment the attractiveness of the SEZs lies in their having access to much better infrastructure and the provision of a single window clearance for all types of government clearances. These were the fall in global markets the meltdown in metal prices hardening interest rates and the relative attractiveness of other emerging stock markets. The correction however happened to be more than expected and somewhat disorderly on account of various factors including the decline in global markets the decline in metal prices the hardening of interest rates and the comparative attractiveness of other emerging stock markets. Karnik drew attention to the challenges including concerns over the quality and skill sets of graduates infrastructure maintaining the attractiveness of India for IT investments and steps to boost the domestic market.