attract meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
attract meaning in tamil is கவர்,ஈர்க்க

attract meaning in tamil with example

attract tamil meaning and more example for attract will be given in tamil.
The year also ended on a confident note with Chief minister Pratapsing Rane announcing plans to join hands with Karnataka to attract investors. At one stage they were warned that continued absence would attract the provisions of relevant rules. Kallais timber dealers had not able to attract buyers from Mumbai and Pune which were once their favourite markets. The football film festival being held here entered the second day on Sunday though it did not attract a big crowd. To ensure that it is not left behind in the intense war between private mobile operators to attract more and more subscribers in the Capital Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited has decided to roll out 10lakh new connections every fiscal for the next four years starting April 2006. Penalty clause Any delay or denial or distortions would attract a penalty of Rs. Despite the peak rate having been lowered to 15 per cent since March 2005 it pointed out several product categories continue to attract significantly higher duty rates of 20150 per cent. While a beautiful face may no longer be a prerequisite for a career in films publishers are becoming increasingly obsessed with whether a prospective writer is young and glamorous enough to attract readers. There was a need to attract best minds to work on the challenges that help in solving the problems of the poor. The delegation is here to promote Sampark Setu or the bridge of communication basically intended to attract Gujaratis in Kerala to undertake visits to Gujarat.