attendant meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
attendant meaning in tamil is உடன் செல்பவர்

attendant meaning in tamil with example

attendant tamil meaning and more example for attendant will be given in tamil.
However the attendant of the shop that had half shut told the policemen that it was closed for the day. The Government briefed the Left leaders on the decision of the five permanent members that the matter would be referred to the United Nations Security Council UNSC without attendant sanctions or action. But before the fuel was dispensed the customer pointed to the mistake and after an argument the attendant reset the meter to Rs.300. When the customer questioned him on why he had set it to deliver only Rs.300 worth petrol the attendant coolly replied that he had already filled fuel for Rs.200. Creation of a handicapfree society is a shared and felt need for which early detection and attendant rehabilitation is a must. But such an additionality would be welcome only if the attendant costs tangible and intangible are not high. The ViceChancellor of Anna University D.Viswanathan who inaugurated the programme said road accidents destroyed and disturbed more than 1.25 lakh families a year with the attendant socioeconomic problems to society. Surprisingly the most emphatic assertion of NATOs role and the attendant imperative of invigorating Europes transAtlantic partnership with the United States came from Germany Frances special ally till recently. RTC service A nurse and an attendant would be present at each exam centre as per the orders issued to the District Medical and Health Department. Security is yet another issue that has come to the fore as the study revealed that some schools in Jahangirpuri dont even have a watchman or attendant The report further states that every school is facing the problem of improper sanitation.