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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
attempt meaning in tamil is முயற்சி

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A third penalty corner for PSB with four minutes left did not pose a threat at all to D Souza as an indirect attempt fizzled out. There was only one serious attempt by the PSB frontline towards the close when Ajit Pal Singh sent a reverse hit off a Baljit Saini free hit over. The police maintained that it was an attempt to round up criminals evading arrest. Wellawatte a Tamilmajority locality was the focus of the operation and most of those detained were released by evening police sources said. Since then an attempt has been made by both sides to reverse that impression. He said he had never asked for a dialogue between the BJP and the RSS on this issue. According to Pillai Rangaprabhat is not an attempt to create stage artistes out of children it is an effort to utilise the infinite potential of performing arts to propagate noble ideals among them for social change. In many cases if not the first time at least the second or third attempt is successful and a normal pregnancy follows Dr. If they erected a statue to New Years resolutions it would show a person of indeterminate gender with a doughnut in one hand and a cigarette in the other over a plaque saying Oops There seems to be a gremlin around in January that dooms any attempt at selfimprovement to failure. There were similar incidents of violence perpetrated by the extremists during the runup to the 2001 elections and the recent murders could be an attempt to intimidate CPIM workers with the purpose of keeping them away from campaigning for the coming elections party leaders have pointed out.