attain meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
attain meaning in tamil is அடை, நிறைவேற்று

attain meaning in tamil with example

attain tamil meaning and more example for attain will be given in tamil.
To attain the set goal intelligence should be the input and this can be achieved by proper guidance by parents teachers and friends he added. Under the scheme all those who attain 18 years of age in the villages will be ensured work for 100 days in a year if they come forward to do the work either in person or in a group. He paid tributes to the educational system that had helped students with rural backgrounds attain success even at the international level. They act as selfappointed custodians of public morals but their contrasting rejection of all moral values to attain power reveals their true character. The larger significance of Andals Tiruppavai goes beyond the emphasis on worship of the Lord during the month of Marghazhi as one of the means to attain liberation. A wise man who delights only in the Self Atman has no duty to perform he also does not have to do anything for he has no end to attain and hence there is neither obligation nor dependence on others. Hence Krishna advised Arjuna to do his duty engage in war efficiently as it was only by doing work without attachment that man could attain the Supreme. Ultimately any kind of tax is paid by the people and hence there is no point in penalising the trader over VAT issues which are yet to attain a concrete shape he says. Again it takes years for the saplings to attain the size of trees that were recently felled and hence suggested trimming of the branches near signal lights instead of resorting to tree felling. The country is likely to attain more than seven per cent growth next to Chinas nine per cent in 200506.