attach meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
attach meaning in tamil is சேர்

attach meaning in tamil with example

attach tamil meaning and more example for attach will be given in tamil.
I filed a contempt case again and the lower court asked me to attach the property Lakshmaiah said. Confusion Earlier confusion prevailed on the corporation premises in the afternoon when an advocate armed with a court order arrived to attach the car of Mr. A.B. Ibrahim. Those who have taken a correspondence course or studied in an open university for the qualifying examination should attach a recognition equivalency certificate given by any university in the State along with the SET application form. And there are people who attach high value to Indias democratic system we have seen changes in regime in India without massive disruptions to the economy. Age proof Those in the age group of 18 to 20 should attach documents relating to age proof while applying for inclusion. Lauding the budget of the Kovilpappakudi panchayat for the fiscal 200506 he said the panchayat should aim at improving basic amenities and attach importance to health schemes and also keep the environment clean. They explained that it was not as though the industry was not able to produce quality tea but the inability to position the produce in premium shelves. The Tea Board should attach seriousness to promote tea as a health beverage. He said pharmacy colleges should attach all undergraduatepostgraduate pharmacy students to clinical side hospitals so that they will gain a right exposure even while pursuing the course. Nehru said America is a great and powerful country but I do not attach very much importance to Americas bombs. He said he did attach importance to her great vitality and integrity.