atrocious meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
atrocious meaning in tamil is கொடிய, கோரமான

atrocious meaning in tamil with example

atrocious tamil meaning and more example for atrocious will be given in tamil.
Despite some lapses on the field not to forget some atrocious bowling by some of the reliables they have managed to keep winning. S.P.Srikanth Moulali Atrocious translations We are shocked to notice the atrocious Telugu translations of important and highly visible notices and directions at important public venues like airports and railway stations. Nagineni Ramakrishna of Dhenuvakonda village called it atrocious and charged the Government with playing with their lives. I admit we had an atrocious start in the first Test match with me losing the toss the first days game getting washed out and we reeling at 75 for four. Sachi Chander Hyderabad The highlighting of the phrase resilient Mumbaikar is an atrocious way of diverting attention from the stark reality. Is it not atrocious that Rs.20000 is charged for admission to even lower kindergarten LKG by private managements with lawless licence. Like the London and Madrid bombings and the atrocious attack on the World Trade Centre the Mumbai bombings were a deliberate attempt to target noncombatants. After a few months having participated in no atrocity 151 except that of wearing a uniform that rightly provoked an atrocious fear 151 he became a prisoner of war and started to learn with horror what the forces that he had enlisted with had perpetrated. In a statement Ravi Rebbapragada of Samata said the action was atrocious as the police were supposed to protect the tribals rather than do the bidding for others out to exploit the tribal areas for commercial gain.