atomic meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
atomic meaning in tamil is அணு

atomic meaning in tamil with example

atomic tamil meaning and more example for atomic will be given in tamil.
L and T has been awarded a larger contract by Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Limited BHAVINI an undertaking of the Department of Atomic Energy entrusted with construction and operation of FBRs. Complimenting the unit on the remarkable achievement S.C. Chetal director reactor engineering group Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research said 50 more such vessels would be required in the next 50 years in the backdrop of the countrys plan for nuclear power generation. Though the State had submitted test samples and a report to the Indian Bureau of Mines in Bangalore and Bhaba Atomic Research Centre in Hyderabad the two agencies are yet to come out with the project results according to highly placed sources in the Department of Geology and Mining. Samples of the ore collected from trial points at various places were sent to the Indian Bureau of Mines and Bhaba Atomic Research Centre to determine the nature and commercial viability of the ore. The International Atomic Energy Agency received a note from Iran on Tuesday saying it would resume its suspended nuclear fuel research on January. Mohammad Saeedi deputy head of Irans Atomic Energy Organisation had announced earlier in the day that the nuclear fuel work would resume shortly. The move was sure to anger Washington and the European Union which fear the Islamic state wants to make atomic fuel to build bombs. El Baradeis note to IAEA board members cited the Islamic republics full privilege and inalienable rights in pursuing atomic energy under the IAEAs covenant and nuclear NonProliferation Treaty which Iran signed.