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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
atom meaning in tamil is அணு

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atom tamil meaning and more example for atom will be given in tamil.
The Peace Memorial Genbaku Dome at Hiroshima which was the only structure remaining in the area where the first atom bomb was dropped too was recreated. Inaugurating the twoday 14th State Bandaya Sahitya Sammelan he said that social reformer and architect of the Constitution B.R. Ambedkar had likened each ballot to a potential atom bomb. In a message to the Buddha Jayanti Celebrations Committee he says In this age of the atom bomb we realise afresh the significance of the Buddhas message of peace. Rathjens of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency U.S. decisionmakers seriously considered the possibility of an overt nonnuclear air attack. On October 16 1964 China tested its first atom bomb in Lop Nur. As their laughably fat fingers seek to manipulate the minuscule keyboard and they succeed only in fudging out a mishmash of letters you get the impression that they would have more success trying to split the atom with a sausage. This is particularly important for Tokyo because of its perception which is shared by Washington that North Korea with its selfproclaimed nuclear arsenal has gone into an overdrive of proving its ballisticmissile prowess that could help deliver atom bombs. And for over a decade now the U.S. active as the high priest of nonproliferation has insisted that the DPRK cannot arm itself with the atom bomb as also missiles and other means of delivering any category of weapons of mass destruction WMD. Speaking at a reception organised by Peace Boat at the TocH Public School here on Sunday in connection with the 61st anniversary of the United States dropping the atom bomb on Hiroshima he said that peace is the sole strategy which ultimately wins.