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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
athlete meaning in tamil is உடற்பயிற்சியில் வல்லவன், பலசாலி

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The AFI has also sought to know from the athlete whether she could compete in any of the circuit meets planned before the Federation Cup one in Delhi Feb. He tried to manipulate his urine sample but was caught before he could do so the doping officer mentioned in his report The World Antidoping Agency WADA regulations call for immediate action against any athlete found manipulating the urine sample. Sania is more revealing of herself both athlete and actor as she emotes through hand shoulders face. Cricket legend Kapil Dev handed over the first copies to former tennis champion Ramesh Krishnan and ace athlete P.T. Usha. And then often the athlete will simply let himself go allow his emotions so long carefully imprisoned to break free a sort of permission slip to the self that now finally it is ok to lose control. The Olympic Games are to my mind the highest level of competition that an athlete can aspire to participate in. At 16 he will become the youngest athlete ever to qualify for luge 151 a sport in which you race in a slide lying supine at the Olympics. While reporters and photographers of other newspapers failed to capture an incident of an athlete injecting something seconds before the start of the final of hammer throw event on the third day V. But then the MGU athlete was hardly in her element in the evening and could touch only a distance of 5.70m in the final. P. And while Usha feels that long jumper Anju George is the only athlete who could be sure of a medal at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne this March Shiny was a bit more generous.