ate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ate meaning in tamil is தின்றேன், தின்றாய், தின்றான், தின்றாள், தின்றார்கள்

ate meaning in tamil with example

ate tamil meaning and more example for ate will be given in tamil.
If the greed for land ate into natural drains the city would have to drown in its own liquid wastes as the natural gradient is not conducive to a swift and efficient discharge of the runoff the study said. At the famous sweet shop of Katehra Chowk Halwai where he used to eat sweets as a young boy he ate a pinni and posed for pictures with the local people. When former Minister erstwhile Congressman and now TDP leader M.V. Mysoora Reddy stripped to his towel bathed and ate on the main road of Banjara Hills in front of his residence Sunday morning suddenly became newsy. Nearly 400 pigs were found dead in different parts of the city on Tuesday after they ate flour balls mixed with poison. However to prove that poultry and poultry products were safe for consumption officials of the Health and Animal Husbandry ate chicken nuggets and even served them to journalists. On their way back the camel ate up the perishable items while the breakable ones fell down and were smashed. A study in the Netherlands has shown that those who ate about 10 grams of chocolate a day had lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of death. The men ate products made from cocoa beans including cocoa drinks chocolate bars and chocolate pudding. Comfortable with food Author of The Man Who Ate Everything and It Mustve Been Something I Ate The Return of the Man Who Ate Everything compilations of his Vogue articles he is comfortable with food. Little by little the pair ate away at the deficit adding in over four hours 128 off 346 balls to equal the Indian record for the eighth wicket against England.