asylum meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
asylum meaning in tamil is புகலிடம், தஞ்சம், புகுமிடம்

asylum meaning in tamil with example

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Meanwhile the Animal Welfare Board members are contemplating to shift the two camels with their young ones to an asylum at Tirupati. The Animal Welfare Board members are planning to shift the two camels with their young ones to an asylum at Tirupati. I am still awaiting your official declaration of asylum to me. Musharraf pacifies him Hold on my country cousin. Akhiljith of GB HS Haripad topped in the boys category with an A grade for narrating the story of a student ending up in a mental asylum as the system conspires to hush up a ragging incident. One is the abduction by suspected US agents in 2003 of Abu Omar an Egyptian citizen who had been granted political asylum in Italy. If her petition for asylum is rejected the U.S. is expected to send her back to Buenos Aires where she is likely to face an extradition request from Chilean authorities. In a statement here she said the AWPT at Santoshapuram in Velacherry had given asylum to 94 dogs and 46 cats. After that it surely wont be long before asylum seekers are confronted with a similar choice you dont have to accept an implant but if you refuse you cant stay in the country. The noted critic Sukumar Azhikode on Friday said that both the UDF and the LDF had become an asylum for political opportunists. He will have to redefine what development is and find an asylum for Keralas millions whose voices have been drowned in the hullabaloo of globalisation. At least 20 others have already applied for asylum and there are an estimated 400 in Canada out of more than 9000 who have deserted since the conflict started in 2003.