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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
astrologer meaning in tamil is சோதிடர்

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Last year the store enlisted the services of a mehandi designer a portrait artist and an astrologer for Deepavali. At the Mumbai weekly I once worked for we had an astrologer far more into strong spirits than spirituality. Adding grist to the mills a leading national daily reported that Ajitabh Bachchan younger brother of mega star Amitabh Bachchan met a Bangalorebased astrologer Chandrashekar Swami with their horoscopes. The new age astrologer sits in a posh room with a laptop and has all the latest software to help the computer calculate horoscopes and give instantly his predictions for your ideal match as well. Not just politicians consulting astrologers common enough in our country but a politician turning astrologer and making some predictions with uncanny accuracy. The astrologer Parappanangady Unnikrishna Panicker will lead the event scheduled to begin after usha puja on Friday morning. Raman Nair accompanied by the members M.B. Sreekumar and Punalur Madhu offered dakshina and thamboolom a bunch of betel leaves with an areca nut to the chief astrologer and his assistants prior to the swarnanyasom. A nineyear old girl Lekshmipriya from Haripad who was present at the temple sopanam was invited to the Eastern Mandapam by the chief astrologer for keeping a gold coin in one of the 12 columns of the zodiac Rasi chakram drawn on the floor as part of the ritual. The chief astrologer daivajnar of the asthamangala devaprasnam under way at Sabarimala Parappanangady Unnikrishna Panicker has stressed the need to constitute an advisory committee to streamline the ritualistic matters at the Lord Ayyappa Temple.