astonishing meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
astonishing meaning in tamil is அற்புதமான, திகைப்புண்டாக்கும்

astonishing meaning in tamil with example

astonishing tamil meaning and more example for astonishing will be given in tamil.
Ram EditorinChief The HolyIndia said an astonishing social movement one that was disciplined transparent and efficient had been born out of the initiative of a political leader. K.R.P. Gupta Mumbai Scandal after scandal is unfolding with astonishing regularity. It was astonishing to read that people in India spend more than Rs.100000 crore on medical expenses out of their own earnings at a time when lack of medical care is the second most common cause for rural family debt resulting in many suicides. The fast and furious Shoaib Akhtar kicked up astonishing bounce from a docile pitch and Rahul Dravid leaping high his body behind the line and loosening the grip on the handle managed to keep the beast of the delivery that would have consumed most batsmen down. That really was the beginning of an astonishing tale that threatened the 50year firstwicket record in Tests between Pankaj Roy and Vinoo Mankad like never before. Younis who now has an astonishing 790 runs in five Tests against India cover drove and squarecut with timing and placement. The reason he gives for this astonishing argument is that our Constitution is very long and detailed. He may not be in the same class as some of the oldtimers 151 like Hedley Verity with his 144 Test victims at 24.38 in the 1930s or Colin Blythe with 100 wickets at the astonishing average of 18.63 just before the First World War that killed him 151 but he is the best England can offer in 2006. Scintillating strokeplay The astonishing strokeplay on view was a celebration of cricket cutting across barriers.