assure meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
assure meaning in tamil is நிச்சயப்படுத்து, நிச்சயமாகச் சொல்

assure meaning in tamil with example

assure tamil meaning and more example for assure will be given in tamil.
He said he was taking part in the revelry to assure the people that the situation was peaceful and one need not panic in the wake of bomb threats. This is supposed to assure the authorities concerned that all is well with the pensioner and payment could be continued. As representatives from America Russia China France and Germany gathered here on Monday to formulate a common response to the controversy over Irans nuclear programme British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said it was for Teheran to assure the international community about its intentions. Stop fleecing The pledge by auto drivers We assure you The HolyIndia dated January 6 at the beginning of the New Year is commendable and a good augury. We assure all Afghans and the Muslims of the world that the Americans apart from such theatrical events will never succeed... The Americans will be forced to withdraw their forces from Afghanistan just as they are forced to withdraw from Iraq. Gandhi who was sitting in the front row had to appear on the dais to assure them that he would speak on Monday. The government can assure the saints that the availability of water in Ganga would increase by the next bathing festival on January 29 and February 3 the minister said adding however that the water test in Ganga at Allahabad showed that it is fit for bathing and drinking. Students reassured We had to assure the students who received the leaked question papers through email that no harm will befall them if they shared with us the email address of the sender.