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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
assume meaning in tamil is அனுமானம், பாவனை செய்

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Though the party has won 12 of the 18 seats in the Sorab Taluk Panchayat it is not in a position to assume power thanks to the reservation policy. The spat between Chappell and Ganguly started off as a seemingly oneoff incident but no one could have guessed the extent to which that incident could assume significance. Baswa Reddy sought permission from Collector Benhur Ekka to assume charge following the High Court judgment over his termination. Reddy argued that the High Court had set aside the G.O. and he should be allowed to assume charge basing on the judgment copy but in vain. At an impressive ceremony in Parliament earlier letters announcing British and Egyptian recognition of the new State were read out and a committee of five men was formally sworn in to assume the powers of Head of State. When a person is in total charge of his life situations and everything works out according to his plan he is bound to assume that he has the free will to think and act. Sushma Rama Mirashi of the BJP will be the deciding factor for the Congress and the Janata Dal S to assume power in the taluk panchayat. In view of the fact that any change in the telecom policy over the past decade has triggered litigation it will be fair to assume that if TRAI recommends the entry of more players and the Government acts on the suggestion a protracted legal battle will be on the cards. The Ministry can now accord sanction as the question of implementing any measures to be suggested by the CMFRI will assume relevance only after the plant is commissioned.